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4 Common Types of Demolition Services and When to Use Them

When one thinks of demolition, images of explosives and large wrecking balls come to mind. However, there is more to demolition services than meets the eye.

While explosive demolition and wrecking ball demolition are still in use, many other methods have been developed to cater to specific needs. That said, here are four common types of demolition services and when to use them.

1. Mechanical Demolition Services

Mechanical demolition services refer to using heavy machinery to dismantle structures and buildings. This process involves excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment.

This type of service is mainly used when structures are complex to access or when there is a need to keep noise and dust to a minimum. Mechanical demolition services are also ideal when a structure needs to be dismantled bit by bit, instead of being brought down in one fell swoop.

2. Explosive Demolition Services

Explosive demolition services are still in use. They are used on structures that are high-rising and less dense. This type of demolition is ideal where there is a need to bring a structure down in one go.

It involves using explosives strategically placed in critical locations in the building. The explosives make the structure collapse inward. It reduces the risk of damage to surrounding areas.

The process begins with a thorough structural analysis of the building to identify the critical load-bearing elements. Next, explosives, often in the form of dynamite or C4, are carefully placed in these strategic locations. The type and quantity of explosives used depend on factors like the size of the building, the materials used in construction, and the proximity to other structures.

3. Deconstruction Demolition Services

Deconstruction is a demolition type that seeks to preserve the environment by keeping waste to a minimum. This process entails dismantling a structure bit by bit and sorting the materials into recyclable and non-recyclable categories.

This type of demolition is ideal for buildings made of materials that can be recycled, such as:

  • steel
  • glass
  • and wood

The process usually begins with a careful analysis of the building materials. This involves identifying materials that can be salvaged and reused, such as bricks, fixtures, appliances, and wood. Once sorted, these materials can either be sold to cover some of the demolition costs or donated to non-profit organizations, contributing to sustainability efforts.

4. Selective Demolition Services

Selective demolition services refer to removing a structure or building while keeping certain sections intact. This type of demolition is ideal when the need to preserve certain areas in a building arises.

It typically involves cutting and dismantling walls, removing particular floors and ceilings, and leaving the sections to be preserved. If you are looking for some demolition options, visit

Understanding the Demolition Services

In summary, selecting the correct type of demolition service is a crucial part of any project. Different types of demolition services cater to different needs, depending on the project’s specifications. With this knowledge, you should be able to select the best demolition service for your project.

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