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Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring an HOA Management Company

Hiring the right HOA management company makes it easy for the board of directors to do their jobs. But there are a lot of management companies to pick from, which makes choosing the best fit for your HOA a time-consuming process. To get started with your search, determine your requirements first. This will let you end up with a satisfying choice of manager. Click here to find a good HOA manager to work with. 

What to Do Before Your Board Chooses a Manager

Before the selection process, the needs of your HOA and community must be examined by the board first. Then, the board should concentrate on the homeowners, considering why they live there, what aspects of their life in the community they are satisfied with, and those they want to be changed. After your HOA has determined the requirements, the board can find a provider that meets them. the following are tips that can help your board find the best HOA manager:

Ask General Questions

First, your board must determine whether every possible HOA manager is local or national, the length of time they have been offering management services, and their credentials. Also, it is important to ask about whether an HOA management company is full-service, the type of operational and maintenance services it offers, how many properties it manages, its employee and client turnover rate, and how it can best meet the unique requirements of your HOA. 

Ask Specific Questions

Your HOA board must ask about a manager’s value-added services and skills such as budgeting, compliance, banking, innovative technology, insurance, pooled buying power, vendor relationships, and others. Also, the board should ask about the way they would customize the services they offer to your association. Other specific things to inquire about include any money-saving options for the association, their method to protect the values of properties, the best option for your HOA’s requirements, and how they guarantee safety.

Check for References

After you have narrowed your options down and get references, call these people to ask about their general experiences with the HOA manager. While this can be done over the phone, it is also a good idea to visit the neighborhood in person. This way, your board of directors can look at the services of every applicant company and the quality of life of the communities they are handling. 

Read the Proposal Carefully

Your association board must study every proposal they get. This allows them to clearly understand the management company’s area of responsibility and the expectations of its team. 

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