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Fun Games That Everyone Will Enjoy While In a Party

When getting together with friends and family, or with a random group of acquaintances, it’s always best when you have fun. Fortunately, there are many easy-to-learn games for those who are interested in group activities, and here are 5 of them.

1. Cookie Pocket

This game is best when played during the winter when everyone is freezing and wearing multiple layers of clothes and jackets. You purchase a huge platter of cookies from the shop for use by everyone and you are supposed to try reverse pickpocketing cookies into other people’s pockets. If they do not catch you doing this, they will need to eat the cookie when they locate it. However, if you are caught in the act, you will have to eat the cookie. What is interesting is that you might find someone sneaking 20 biscuits into another person’s coat, and will have to eat all those biscuits.

2. Charade Whispers

The Charade Whispers is an excellent party idea that requires teams to stand in a line, and people who are at the far end of the line are shown a word. Then, they are supposed to make a move and explain the word to the next person without talking. The movement is copied and relayed to the next participant. The person who is on the opposite end will have to shout the word to win and earn a point. While the participants will seldom make a correct guess, it’s hilarious to see how people play this interesting game.

3. Dictionary

In this game, you will need a dictionary and paper. One person will have the dictionary at a time while another will have the paper. The one with the dictionary will open a page randomly, get a word they don’t know, and shout it out to the group. If there is nobody in the group who understands the word, they can move ahead. Every person will note down the word on a piece of paper then make up a definition for it, except for the one who found it in the dictionary. After completing the writing, each person will pass over the next paper to the next person who will go ahead to read the definitions aloud to all those present.

4. The Voting Game

The Voting Game offers a constant flow of laughter. A card is read out loud, and everyone votes for the statement that is mentioned anonymously. The votes are then checked, and whoever got more votes should call out the names of all those they think voted for them. This is an easy game that promotes funny storytelling.

5. This or That

The participants sit in a circle and the first person gives a selection of things. Then you vote on the selection that you have been given. Anything that you haven’t voted for gets deleted. The things that you vote for then get compared to other things by the person who is seated next. Anything that you vote for gets deleted completely and you will have to stay in a world that doesn’t have that thing forever.

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