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How Do Body Enhancement Choices Affect Self-Image?

During the course of life, every one of us will go through a point where we feel like our bodies aren’t good enough. Sometimes these insecurities come at us because of our self-image. We feel like we don’t measure up to the media, our friends, or what we’re supposed to look like.

Our quest for the perfect body enhancement is an ongoing one. But how does choosing to go through body enhancement affect us?

Well, let’s take a look at the answer to that. Here are a few of the impacts of body enhancement on ourselves:

Positive Effects

Body modifications can have positive effects on self-image. A couple of these positive effects are the following:

You Feel More Attractive

Body alterations can affect one’s self-image by creating a feeling of more attractiveness. For instance, if you undergo a cosmetic procedure such as a nonsurgical nose job, you may begin to feel more confident with the look of your face.

Exercising is another choice that affects self-image as it can help you feel proud of your body. Eating habits can also be a choice that affects self-image. Eating healthily can result in weight loss and give you a feeling of positive self-image.

You Feel More Socially Accepted

Cosmetic enhancements can give you a boost in confidence and make you feel more socially accepted by those around you. For example, many people consult this page for dental implants so that they can feel better about appearing in photos or meeting new people.

Applying makeup, getting a new hairstyle, or getting new clothes can help make someone feel more prepared. They may feel more ready to face the world.

Negative Effects

Body alteration choices can negatively affect one’s self-image. This is the case if the decision is made for the wrong reasons or if the outcome of the choice is not what was expected. A couple of these negative effects are the following:

Body Dissatisfaction

Life in a society of unrealistic beauty standards. And impulsive decisions about changing or altering one’s body can harm one’s mental wellness. When one changes the body, one may feel further dissatisfaction.

So it is important to remember to focus on body positivity and acceptance. This, coupled with the right mental attitude, can greatly reduce the risk of negative self-image or body image issues.


Enhancements of the body are often used to alter physical appearance to conform to what is considered to be the societal standard of beauty. This can put an individual’s self-worth in comparison to their peers, which can lead to depression.

Dieting, in particular, can be dangerous if taken to an extreme. This could have an even further negative impact on self-image. Feelings of guilt and self-loathing often arise from the inability to adhere to a harsh diet or hazardous lifestyle.

So you need to consider all risks associated with body enhancement before you choose to do them. This can help you avoid any further negative impacts on your mental well-being.

Are You Thinking of Undergoing Body Enhancement?

Body enhancements like cosmetics, diet, exercise, and plastic surgery can all have a profound effect on a person’s self-image. It can have a positive effect, such as increased self-esteem, or a negative effect, such as dissatisfaction. So remember that the decision of whether to take on the procedure should be made carefully.

If you are considering a body enhancement, talk to someone first!

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