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The Role of Background Removal in Product Image Editing

In an age where internet usage and online shopping are ubiquitous, the importance of visual representation for online products cannot be overstated. Quality product images play an integral part in influencing customer perception and purchase decision, making photo editing a business-critical skill. A key aspect of the editing process is background removal, which is an image manipulation technique that isolates the product from its original setting and places it on a plainly colored or transparent background. In this article, we will elucidate the importance of background removal in product image editing.

Importance of Background Removal

Background removal, despite its subtlety, carries a significant weight in product image editing. This technique aims to highlight products without distraction, imposing focus directly on the item.

To fully grasp this concept, let’s delve into the major benefits of background removal.

Enhances Product Highlights

Background removal complements products by shedding light on their important features. With cluttered backgrounds, customers may miss critical elements or special features of the products.

Facilitates Uniformity

Uniformity in product images across the e-commerce platform improves the overall user experience. Background removal contributes to this principle by offering consistency to an array of product images, despite different shooting perspectives, lighting, and environments.

How to Implement Background Removal

Achieving effective background removal involves more than just isolating a product from its surroundings; it entails a meticulous process of detailing and correction. The first step is selecting an appropriate tool or software for background removal, such as Photoshop or specialized online tools. Precision is key, and using tools like the pen tool or magnetic lasso can help outline the subject with accuracy. After the initial cutout, attention to detail becomes paramount in refining edges, adjusting for intricate elements, and ensuring a seamless transition between the subject and the new background. The goal is to create a natural and visually appealing result that enhances the focus on the product or subject while maintaining a professional and polished appearance.

Selection Tools

Many renowned photo-editing applications offer numerous selection tools. The Lasso and Magic Wand tools, for instance, facilitate customizable selection, while the Quick Selection tool uses color and texture to automatically select similar areas.

You can try your hand at photo editing or employ product image editing services from an industry expert to leverage an array of advanced tools and techniques.

Considerations for the Perfect Background

Once you’ve removed the original background, it’s essential to select the appropriate replacement that would accentuate the product attractively and professionally.

Solid Colored Background

For most e-commerce products, a white or light-colored background is the norm. The reason being, these shades are least intrusive and keep the viewers’ attention on the product.

Complementary Backgrounds

In certain cases, an additional object, scenery, or creative background might complement the product better. This strategy works best for lifestyle products that customers prefer to visualize in a real-world setting.

Role of Background Removal in CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is vital for any e-commerce platform, and high-quality product images are a significant driver for increased conversions. Besides, comprehensive research indicates that customers typically consider visual appearance as the most influential factor when making a purchase.

Improved Visual Appeal

Background removal helps create clean, professional-looking images of products.

Enhanced Customer Experience

When a website’s product images are uniform and of high quality, visitors are more likely to stay and shop, making background removal a key player in improving customer experience.

Considering these factors, it’s clear that background removal plays a priceless role in accentuating product images and reciprocally spurring higher conversions. However, executing this task impeccably requires expertise in intricate editing tools. Here is where ecommerce image editing service providers come into play, employing skilled professionals who can produce pristine, high-quality imagery.


Background removal forms a quintessential part of product image editing, ensuring the product stands out and garners the customer’s undistorted attention. Not only does it enhance product portrayal, but it also nurtures a more coherent visual shopping experience contributing significantly to CRO. With the surfeit of image editing resources and experts readily available, it’s smart to leverage them and let high-quality product images drive your business growth.

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