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Tile Floor Installation Near Me: How to Choose the Right Contractor

On average, Americans spend around 93% of their time indoors, which shows the importance of curating a home that you love, including the floor. 

Finding the right contractor is essential for receiving incredible service and reducing the risk of errors. But, if this is a new world for you, it’s difficult knowing whether it’s worth your time or money. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re about to search “tile floor installation near me” and are searching for advice.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to find the perfect tile contractor for your project.  

Outline Your Budget 

Before hunting down the best flooring contractor, it’s important to outline your budget. This will determine the company you can afford, which will help streamline the decision process. Note that you must account for the price of the materials and labor at the very least.  

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Check Their Credentials

When searching for a flooring installation company, ask about their credentials. You want to be working with a professional, so confirm the business with the State Licensing Board as it proves that they’re credible. If you can’t find any evidence on the company’s site or they’re unwilling to share their documentation, continue your search as that’s a major red flag.  

Ask About Insurance 

Another consideration when hiring a flooring contractor is whether they have insurance.

You’ll want the latter as it’s protection against any accidents that may occur during the flooring installation. For instance, if a contractor is injured on your property and neither of you has insurance, you’ll be footing the bill. The same goes if your home gets damaged during the process.  

Look At References

Before you hire a flooring contractor, check out the candidate’s references. Ideally, the company should happily hand over a list of their past clients and photos of their work. Make sure that they have several years of experience under their belt as it shows that they can steer a project and tackle any obstacles along the way.  

Read Online Reviews 

Once you’ve narrowed down prospects, spend time reading the company’s online reviews. Aside from testimonials on their site, read third-party sites like Yelp or Google to get valuable insight into its service. Don’t be afraid to reach out to several customers about their experience and if there were any hiccups. 

A good rule of thumb is to choose a company with four stars at a minimum. If you can’t find any positive or negative comments, don’t invest in the contractor as it’s putting your investment at risk.   

Ask the Right Questions 

Like with any costly service, you should come equipped with questions. This will glean whether the tile contractor is credible and worth your investment. 

Make sure you ask how long they’ve been installing tiles and the maintenance involved to prove their expertise. You should also ask how quickly they can install the tiles, especially if you’re on a strict deadline. Note, this is paramount because you don’t want to spend hundreds, only to find that there are delays on your project.  

Further, ask contractors about their relationship with the manufacturer. Although it sounds like a minor point, you want a company that buys from a reputable vendor and that will deliver the materials in a timely fashion. It also means that the contractor can land great prices, which is essential when dealing with costlier flooring options like tiles.  

You should also ask prospects about installation and manufacturer warranties. Asking this question proves that the company believes in its service and materials, which will give you peace of mind. 

Note Their Communication Style

Regardless of whether or not you’re on a deadline, take note of the contractor’s communication style. For instance, you may hate e-mails and would prefer talking over the phone, especially if you’ve got a hectic schedule. Or, if you prefer in-person meetings, choose a contractor who lives near your home as it’s more practical.  

Meet the Team

If your contractor has a team, meet them ahead of time. These professionals will be inside your home, so it’s important that you can trust them and that they’ve received adequate training. You should also ask the contractor whether they’ve conducted background checks and who is overseeing the project.

Get Estimates from Three Contractors 

Once you’re happy with the company and its flooring contractor fees, compare it with at least two other contractors. This will give you an average of what to expect, so you don’t make a decision blindly. Make sure that the contractor produces a written proposal because it shows that they’re legit and won’t fluctuate prices later on.  

Then, when you’re happy with a contractor, get a detailed contract with the essential details. The document should include the overall price and the date from start to finish. 

Go With Your Gut

Before making any crucial decision, you must follow your gut. Don’t dismiss any potential red flags because you don’t want to gamble on your home. Because of this, spend time with contractors and see which one professionally clicks with you to avoid future disappointment.  

Search “Tile Floor Installation Near Me” Today

Hopefully, you’re now ready to search “tile floor installation near me” and find the right contractor for the job. 

There are many important factors to consider, such as checking their credentials and asking each contractor about insurance. Homeowners should also get estimates from at least three contractors and always listen to their gut. Good luck with your search!  

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