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Trike Triumph: Mastering Your Electric Tricycle

Are you new to riding e-trikes and want to learn how to master it? It’s much easier than you might think! We gathered all the tips you need to triumph in mastering your electric trike.

It just takes a little practice to get used to an e-trike. So, let’s jump right in. 

1. Check Out the Manufacturer’s Manual

Your new e-trike should come with a user’s manual. It’s worth checking out since each e-trike can have differences depending on the company and model. Give it a read-through when you have the chance, and make note of anything that stands out to you.

The manual will detail the tricycle controls, including how to use the pedal assist functions. It can also let you know how to take care of the e-trike to get it to last as long as possible.

At the very least, ensure you don’t throw out the manual. You may need to review it if something goes wrong with yours. You might be able to find it online in a pinch, but it’s best to hold on to it whenever you can.

2. Find a Safe Place To Learn

If this is your first time on an electric tricycle, you’ll want to find a safe space to practice. It should be somewhere you don’t risk colliding with people or other vehicles. Open spaces are best, so check out local parks and similar places.

Anywhere you’d learn to ride a bike would be good. There’s a lot of traffic near roads today, meaning you want to avoid those areas.

Then, once you’ve found a safe place, start out slowly. You’ll want to go very slowly to control the trike until you gain more confidence. If you’ve already learned to ride a bike, riding an e-trike will come naturally to you. If not, you’ll want to get some extra practice before you go anywhere crowded.

While falling over is less likely on a trike, you still want to ensure you’re learning somewhere you won’t put yourself in danger in case it does happen.

3. Spend Time Learning To Operate the Trike

Next, you’ll want to practice the controls of the e-trike before you start cycling. Sit on the saddle and go over all of the essentials. You should know where all of the following controls are located and how to use them:

  • The throttle
  • The brakes
  • The lights
  • The unique adjustments on the LCD display you can make
  • Any other functions unique to your e-trike’s model
  • App functions, if it comes with a phone app

You’ll want to check how these functions operate, especially the throttle and the brakes. You’ll use the throttle to turn up the pedal assist, which makes the e-trike go. Of course, you need to practice braking so you can stop safely.

Go over all of these controls until you have them memorized.

4. Practice Pedaling and Turning

Your e-trike will still have you pedal, even if you turn up the throttle. Practice pedaling slowly back and forth in your safe area. Doing this a bunch of times will also help you learn to balance on the trike. Since it has an extra wheel, they’re very stable and easy to ride.

Make sure that you can remain balanced during turns. E-trikes take wider turns than bikes, so you’ll want to spend a lot of time practicing your turns over and over.

5. Master Braking

Next, make sure that you can brake quickly. There may be situations where you’re out cycling when you need to stop on a dime. The brakes may work differently depending on your e-trike model, but most are on the handlebar grips.

Practice controlled braking. Stopping too quickly can cause you to lose control of the trike.

6. Understand Your Trike’s Speeds

Every e-trike model can reach different speeds; some are much faster than others. You’ll want to start by learning to control the trike at lower speeds and move up to higher ones when you feel more confident.

Most e-trikes have a max speed of 20 MPH, although you’re likely to max it out at 14 to 16 MPH. To reach 20 MPH, you’d have to pedal as fast as possible while having the throttle at max.

Overall, you must learn to ride in a slower setting. That way, you’re less likely to get hurt if you get into an accident on the trike.

7. Maintain Your Ride

Photo by Tom Conway on Unsplash

It’s essential that you also maintain your e-trike. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Plus, you don’t want it to give out when using it.

There are several checks you should do often. First, make sure that the e-trike has enough air in the tires. If not, you’ll need to refill them before you take them out. Second, check that the brakes work.

Third, check that the lights activate when they’re supposed to. Fourth, ensure the battery is always charged and lasts as long as it should. You may need to replace the battery someday, so keep an eye on it. Lastly, maintain the chain to keep it running in good condition.

The manufacturer’s manual should list all the maintenance checks you must complete to keep the trike running.

8. Practice Awareness

You need to remain aware of what’s happening around you when you’re out cycling. Anything could become a hazard, so make a habit of looking around. You’ll also want to be visible to other cyclists and drivers. You can wear bright clothing, especially riding in the evening.

You’ll also have to follow the speed limits, traffic lights, and other signs on the road since e-trikes are considered vehicles in most states. Awareness of traffic laws and following them will keep you and others safe.

Practice Mastering Your E-Trike

Photo by Jorvik Tricycles on Unsplash

Becoming a master of anything, including cycling on an e-trike, takes a lot of practice. The more you ride, the better you’ll get. Use the above steps, and you’ll have it down pat quickly!

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