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Why Castor Oil Is The Ultimate Ingredient To Add To Your Skincare Regime

Castor Oil is one of the most staple ingredients in the aromatherapy and beauty industry. They have a long history of being one of the finest solutions to any skin or hair ailments. It’s for these reasons alone why it’s being used more and more among homeowners across the world. These organic ingredients are jampacked with a variety of benefits including their ability to improve skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and increase thickness in the hair. With all these benefits, you can see why it is the prime choice for every creative looking to make their own recipes. For those who are not convinced, here are the many reasons to choose Castor Oil for your skin and hair care regime. Let’s take a look at the next sections below!

What Is A Carrier Extract?

A carrier extract originates from the seeds or nuts of plants which are made to reduce the strength of essential extracts. In comparison to essential extracts, carriers are incredibly versatile in the sense they can be used alone or in conjunction with other ingredients. Essential extracts are used in a variety of beauty and aromatherapy mixtures. In comparison to other extracts, carriers work to help improve the qualities of essential extracts in order for them to be used safely and effectively. One major difference in comparison to essential extracts is the fact that it has a slight scent, making them the perfect base for all your recipes. Examples of carriers include grapeseed, sweet almond, macadamia and as noted, Castor Oil. Carrier extracts provide an abundance of benefits including an enhanced mood, skin complexion, and overall hair quality. Because of the abundance of benefits, Castor Oil is the perfect ingredient to use in aromatherapy, beauty, and more.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor Oil is an extract of the plant Ricinus Communis which is developed through cold pressing, by crushing its plant seeds. It contains a variety of essential amino acids including triglyceride, ricinoleic, and many more. Characterised for its translucent light yellow colour, it is a popular ingredient used for aromatherapy and beauty products. It is popular in Africa, Asia, and India, spanning across the tropical regions, and is best kept in soil that is well-drained. The beans that come from this plant are extracted to therefore be used for a variety of applications, especially skincare and haircare. This natural ingredient is the perfect pairing to add to your essential extract ingredients, providing a neutral base to all your DIY projects. In the next few sections, we’re going to be taking a look at its benefits, its uses, and various recipes for Castor Oil. d: 4.93%

What Are The Benefits?

Uplifts Skin Complexion

It is a fairly common concern that the skin texture has the capability of reducing hydration as we get older. If you are not receiving enough moisture, this can leave the skin appearing dry and dull. On the plus side, there are many types of skincare products that can counteract these problems which is definitely the case with Castor oil. Highly renowned for its incredibly soothing properties, Castor Oil works to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Enhancing the appearance of redness and hyperpigmentation, this product gives your skin a lovely glow. With its inclusion of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E extract, it is essential to allow you to achieve a youthful bounce. Because of this, Castor Oil makes a wonderful facial cleanser as the consistency acts similar to sebum, making it the perfect soap that’s hydrating for the skin. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for its list to prevent acne and dirt build-up from clogging your pores, keeping your skin clean and clear. Simply add Castor Oil on the most sensitive areas including the neck and under the eyes which can alleviate signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. Just as a warning, it is important to consult your dermatologist and do a patch test prior to use to guarantee positive effects from using Castor Oil.

Add Bounce To Your Hair

Castor Oil is incredibly beneficial for its ability to add bounce to your hair. As a result of its thin consistency, it is commonly used in hair care products and ingredients, especially in conditioners, shampoos, and other soaps. Castor Oil is great to keep your hair thick and full, adding more volume and texture to your overall scalp. Although there is no complete evidence to show it can improve hair growth, it is a great treatment for increasing the length of your hair follicles. As a result, it keeps the hair from losing its lustre allowing you to have a shiny and healthy-looking appearance. In addition to treating your hair, Castor Oil is incredibly nourishing for your eyebrows and lashes. Because of its thickening qualities, it is perfect for adding volume to both your eyelashes and eyebrows. For moisturised hair, simply add Castor Oil to your roots overnight or before your shower, to find yourself with thick and luscious hair.

Fighting Fingers

Another benefit of Castor Oil is that it is incredibly nourishing for your cuticles. If you are looking to enhance your manicuring skills, this extract will keep your nail beds soft and healthy-looking. You can use the extract as a pre-treatment before applying your nail polish. As a result, you will find yourself with healthy and happy-looking nail beds, keeping your fingers appearing strong. You can dress up your nails whether for day to day to a night out with confidence you’ve got the right fingers at your side. Because of this, it is best to apply Castor Oil right before bed to have flourishing fingers to use. As a result, you’ll find yourself with soft cuticles that keep your nail beds from getting damaged.


Deep Conditioning Treatment


● 3-4 Tablespoons of Castor Oil

● 1 Tablespoon of Jojoba Extract

● 2 drops of Peppermint Extract

● 2 drops of Geranium Extract

● 2 drops of Clary Sage Extract

● 1ml natural vitamin e oil (optional)

● Glass Mason Jar

● Hair Cap


1. Add the Castor Oil and the rest of the ingredients into the jar.

2. Combine thoroughly by shaking the mixture.

3. Apply a handful of the treatment onto dry hair, massaging it into the scalp.

4. Pop on a hair cap and leave it for 20-30 minutes for effectiveness. This heats up hair, allowing the cuticles to open up and receive the treatment.

5. Do your hair wash routine as normal, using shampoo and conditioner.

Lip Roller


● 1 teaspoon of Castor Oil

● 2 drops of Lavender Extract

● 1 drop Frankincense Extract

● 1 teaspoon of Jojoba Extract

● 1ml natural vitamin e oil (optional)

● 10mL Roller Bottle


6. Place the Castor Oil and the rest of the ingredients in a glass roller bottle.

7. Mix well by shaking the bottle.

8. To treat dry lips, roll the mixture onto the lips before bedtime to have refreshed lips the next day.



● 35 mL of Coconut Extract

● 13 mL of Castor Oil

● ½ mL of Grapefruit Extract

● ½ gram of Vitamin E


1. Measure all your ingredients.

2. Mix well in a beaker or jug.

3. Place all the extract into a glass mason jar.

4. Add a few drops of the extract onto a cotton wool pad and rub it across your face until the makeup is completely wiped off. You can use your fingers to rub.

Continue your skincare regime as normal.

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